About Peaceful Journey

Dr. Chris O’Rourke graduated from Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine. She spent 3 years in private practice before pursuing a residency in the field of laboratory animal medicine. Within this field, Dr. O’Rourke gained knowledge and experience working with a wide variety of species.

A key aspect of her training has focused on the ability to recognize and alleviate signs of pain and distress in animals. Through 26 years of veterinary experience, Dr. O’Rourke has become a passionate advocate for peaceful and painless end-of-life transitions.

The idea of helping other pet owners began to emerge as she provided care for her cherished Sydney, a shelter dog who was part of her life for 16 wonderful years. She is a member of the International Association for Animal Hospice & Palliative Care, the American Veterinary Medical Association, and the Montana Veterinary Medical Association.